Hi! I'm Nick, 3D artist from Ukraine.
I used to work as an architect, unfortunately thanks to the war that job has gone up in flames. Now you can HIRE me to make 3D models for VRChat and VSeeFace.

Sample model
Ratatos Browntail (#001)

Finished 16.09.2022
Made in 3 weeks
3D model for VRChat and VSeeFace. Made to test all basic functions and how they work with my style.Model features:
- ARKit
- 5 expressions and 1 additional eyeshape
- Coat is removable
The price to commission a similar model would total $585


Active slots: 3/3
Wait list: 0

How to commission me?

Step 1 | I don't do

If your want something from below, I'm wrong person for the job:

  • Complex mecha models

  • Furry models. Ears, tails, wings and paws are fine

  • Extream fetishis

  • Private commissions

Step 2 | Preparations

  • Check my PRICING, TOS and try out SAMPLE MODEL before applying

  • FAQ can help you better understand what I provide and how you can use it

  • Make sure you have a good front-facing reference sheet. I do work with dynamic references but will charge extra for this

  • Fill this FORM

Step 3 | Payment

  • I´ll contact you and discuss commission details (Model capabilities, price, expected start and finish date, etc.)

  • Once everything is agreed, I'll write a PayPal invoice for you

  • You can read more about possible payment plans in my TOS

  • Make the agreed payment and ask me to confirm the transaction

Step 4 | Work Process

  • I'll create your personal Google Drive folder to share everything related to your commission through it

  • I'll assign 2 days of the week as update dates and will report on all work done in-between them

  • You can request changes during work process with exceptions described in TOS

Step 5 | Finishing Commission

  • Once I deem model ready for delivery, I'll provide video and screenshots of the work done

  • If you satisfied with product, make final payment

  • I'll upload model on your Google Drive folder

  • I'll post the result of commission on my social medias

  • For the first month after model delivery you can contact me to fix any issues with the product free of charge


Base model200+
Rigging for one mesh group20+
Set up FBX20+
Set up VRM25+
One expresion/eyeshape5+

You can read more about what "Mesh group", "Visemes", and "ARKit" are in FAQ.
Below I listed some of the commonly used additions in character models and how I price them.

Animal ears10+

Options examples